Lark on 42nd

When CA Ventures approached CBG Building Company with plans for a six-story, 161-unit, off-campus dormitory to house students attending the University of South Florida, the finish date was all but impossible to meet…using typical construction techniques.

But Chris Hirst, Vice President of Construction for CBG, had an innovative plan for the 512-bed dorm. He had discovered a faster building technique — Prescient’s new 3D computer-designed system that drives the custom manufacture of a building’s structural components, which are then assembled swiftly on site. His choice to go with Prescient’s time-saving structural framing system paid off. The “impossible” deadline was met, with the entire project, from start to finish, completed in just 11 months.

  • Project type: Student Housing
  • Project Area: 225,000 sq ft
  • Prescient Stories: 6
  • Completed: August 2016

What our clients are saying

“Prescient is our go-to partner when a project absolutely must be done on time. As a general contractor, we run the anchor position in the relay race of a project’s creation. No matter what all the other team members have done up front, when we get the baton, we have to finish on time and within budget. Having Prescient on the team from day one is one of the primary reasons we always finish in first place. We have converted multiple projects from other structural systems to Prescient for the simple reason that we would not have been able to finish the projects on time and on budget without Prescient on the team. Our clients have been so impressed with Prescient they frequently bring their peers and consultants to the construction site.”

Chris Hirst
Senior Vice President for CBG Building Company