Prescient Receives Second Patent

Patent Update


Prescient recently received a second patent on its unique framing system and design integration software.  “This patent effectively protects our process of using our proprietary software to integrate our already patented framing system with design, manufacturing and installation.”  Says John Vanker CEO.  It protects Prescient’s CAD to CAM manufacturing process and the use of uniform resource locator codes (URL) like Bar codes and QR codes to identify the precise location of Prescient structural components within a building.


Using URL codes to map and install a structure offers significant advantages over common construction practices.  It brings a lean manufacturing approach to the somewhat uncontrollable construction site environment.  “We employ software to not only assist in the design, we use our software to integrate the design with the manufacturing process, and make the installation process less wasteful and less costly”  Says Vanker.


Acquiring a patent for this technology validates its uniqueness and protects Prescient’s rights as the inventor. US Patent No.: US 8,688,411 B2


Prescient Receives UL Listings Its Proprietary Wall And Floor Systems.


Prescient recently went through code evaluation and compliance testing with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on its innovative framing system.  Subsequently they received their first two UL numbers:  Floor – F592 and Wall – W428.


These first two numbers are significant milestones for Prescient.  UL is widely recognized by architects, engineers and building professionals as certifying that building products are code compliant.  Being listed in the UL Directory and using the UL Mark expedites the design and compliance approval process and minimizes construction delays.