Prescient chosen as one of the Next Generation Tech Disruptors, 2019

The word ‘home’ itself conjures the feeling of coziness and comfort. Now the concept of home is changing, and so are the construction trends. Today’s homeowners have different priorities than homeowners of the past. Meeting those demands in an affordable way is increasingly challenging. Advancement in technology brings flexibility in residential construction market where costly time-consuming projects are now completed more quickly and cost effectively. Prescient Co Inc., a digital design-build construction company is transforming the shape of residential construction through emerging technologies with its vision of attainable housing for all. In the construction business, multifamily construction is plagued by rising costs, decreasing productivity, acrimonious relationships between participants with slim margins, all while the need for attainable housing is increasing globally. Prescient’s mission is to revolutionize this environment. Prescient is the only digital design build company which harnesses proprietary technology to link the discrete disciplines of architectural design, engineering, manufacturing and construction. It creates an efficient, transparent, coordinated and collaborative process in the building of up to 180-foot light gauge steel structures in multi-unit housing and hospitality. The company accomplishes this through standardized design, data sharing, precise off-site manufacturing, just in time and accurate placement of inventory on site, with a QR-coded framing component system for rapid assembly.

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