Osprey Team Set to Go the Distance

From the moment Balfour Beatty partnered with modular construction firm, Prescient, on the Osprey, the project team established many noteworthy goals for this mixed-use, multifamily development: accelerating the schedule to achieve the owner’s desired pro forma, seamlessly integrating the prefabricated structural installation with on-site labor and being among the first projects using the Prescient solution to go vertical in Atlanta.

But they knew none of these goals would be possible without a project plan that was both strategic and tactical, a plan that accounted for every contingency and mitigated every conceivable risk. For the Osprey team, that process began with perfecting the tower structure prefab design, working in early and close alignment with the owner, Toll Brothers Apartment Living; Brock Hudgins Architects; Prescient; and key trade partners.

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