Testimonials & Awards

“We have a proven track record of success when we collaborate with Prescient.  We started our first project with Prescient at the request of Cypress.  We soon discovered the value and many benefits of working with their digital technology platform, including the increased speed and precision manufactured products. We were impressed when Prescient finished their work eight weeks ahead of schedule on the (Civic Lofts) Apartments, which allowed us to further compress other trades’ schedules.”

EJ Olbright
Chief Executive Officer, Colorado First Construction (CFC)


“They (Prescient) are pushing a lot of the technologies right to the brink, which is what we need because we have such a significant housing problem associated with affordability. Their technology and digital design is able to build housing much cheaper and much faster and much more efficiently.”

Ben Carson
United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


“In the US, Balfour Beatty is seizing the opportunity to become an off-site pioneer by partnering with modular construction firm, Prescient. By utilizing Prescient’s off-site manufacturing platform to build the project’s entire 13-story tower structure, our team will be able to turn units several months faster than a typical post-tension concrete or other load-bearing structural frame option. Developed by Toll Brothers Apartment Living, the Osprey will be among the first projects using the Prescient solution to go vertical in Atlanta.”

Balfour Beatty


“We choose to partner with Prescient for a number of reasons, including the speed in which they deliver on site, the efficiency of their design and the environmental benefits. We always look forward to our collaboration with the Prescient team, and the speed and ease at which they help us to complete our projects.”  

Chase Hill
Denver Partner, Cypress Real Estate Advisors


“We wanted to create a density driven, walkable residence that is unlike anything else in downtown, the design really needed high-rise stature and the structural cost and schedule savings of using Prescient helped us get there.”

Mike Moylan
Shamrock Development Inc.
Capital District Apartments


“With any student housing project, time is of the essence. We would not be able to complete a project of this magnitude in time for the new school year’s move-in deadline without a proven, field-tested system that provides time and cost-saving advantages like the innovative Prescient system.”

Gordon Lansford


“From a project management perspective, the Prescient solution is a dream come true.”  

Patrick Fleming
Senior Project Manager, Balfour Beatty


“A huge milestone moment for the Doerre Team as we celebrated the “Topping Out” of Markley Place in Greenville, SC. We are grateful for all of our team members and look forward to finishing this project out strong! We are especially excited because this has been our first opportunity to work with Prescient Co. Their technology and innovative structural system allowed us to erect over 80,000 square feet in less than 8 weeks. We believe the Prescient system really is a game changer! Way to go team!”

Doerre Construction


“Generation Atlanta will be the first building in the city to utilize the Prescient structural system. The technology will reduce construction costs by 20 to 25 percent compared to using concrete, enabling the development to comply with the City of Atlanta’s initiative to provide more affordable housing.”

Kaplan Residential


“I plan to deploy the Prescient building system for construction of the twin towers I propose as part of a $120 million mixed-use project in the 2500 block of Troost Avenue. Why? Because the general contractor I plan to use, JE Dunn Construction, is skilled in the Prescient system and because it’s faster, better, greener and cheaper.”

Andrew Brain
Kansas City Developer


“Prescient is our go-to partner when a project absolutely must be done on time. As a general contractor, we run the anchor position in the relay race of a project’s creation. No matter what all the other team members have done up front, when we get the baton, we have to finish on time and within budget. Having Prescient on the team from day one is one of the primary reasons we always finish in first place. We have converted multiple projects from other structural systems to Prescient for the simple reason that we would not have been able to finish the projects on time and on budget without Prescient on the team. Our clients have been so impressed with Prescient they frequently bring their peers and consultants to the construction site.”

Chris Hirst
Senior Vice President for CBG Building Company


“There’s been more and more wood-frame fires, and unfortunately those play into the advantage of Prescient, though I don’t think they sell that as much as they should. We pivoted out of the wood-frame business in 2012 because of the quality issues, and by happenstance, we discovered this disruptive steel-frame technology. This is the future.”

Tim Dunn
Chief Investment and Treasury Officer at JE Dunn


“Student housing projects have strict move-in deadlines coupled with expensive penalties if those deadlines are not met. The Prescient solution not only allowed us to meet aggressive deadlines by trimming weeks off the schedule required for other building materials, it was cost-effective and allowed us to deliver a truly showcase student housing project to CSU.”

JJ Smith
President of CA Student Living and principal of CA Ventures


“If you’re a developer looking at urban multi-family or mixed-use projects, then we suggest you look at the Prescient platform. The light-gauge steel structure installs faster than wood, concrete or traditional steel framing, for a lower cost per square foot and none of the litigation risk that comes with wood construction.”  

Johnston Design Group