Partnering with Prescient means working on disruptive technology through leading-edge thought process and design. By seeking the future direction of the industry, one that uses technology-based design and conflict resolution, Prescient coordinates off-site manufacturing and site assembly.

Prescient is seeking partners who want to continuously innovate to drive down costs, time and risk. Advantages to being a Prescient supplier include:

  • Global Reach: The Prescient platform would apply globally, allowing suppliers to be global partners.
  • Better Efficiency and Margin: Prescient’s mission is to revolutionize the building industry through an innovative, integrated and model-centric BIM design platform. By utilizing its proprietary Digital Thread, Prescient is able to provide a detailed and accurate bill of materials early in the building process. This empowers all suppliers to plan and manage their capacity, workforce and raw materials more effectively. As a result, the Prescient platform drives efficiency and margin for Prescient, its suppliers and its customers.


How We Work with Suppliers

Supplier Qualification
Prescient seeks to identify, develop and maintain a robust, selective base of Qualified Suppliers who exemplify its core values and partner with us to provide innovative, lowest-total-cost solutions that enhance the customer experience.  Prescient’s objective is to qualify suppliers with the best capability match to its business needs.

Supplier Selection Process
Prescient’s supplier selection process is methodical, progressive and transparent, and includes reviewing quality, financial, personnel and certification criteria.

Steps in Prescient’s supplier selection process are as follows:
Step 1: Complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Step 2: Fill out the Supplier Questionnaire [LINK].
Step 3: Complete the qualification process, which includes research, evaluation (with a site visit for manufactured components) and agreement, as well as ongoing monitoring and measurement.
Step 4: Sign a Supplier Agreement. There are several types of agreements based on what is being purchased. The Supplier Agreement describes the general terms and conditions governing any purchase of product, material, service or equipment.

Supplier Management
Prescient selects its suppliers from its network of Qualified Suppliers. Prescient awards business based on the supplier’s ability to meet specific requirements of quality, schedule and cost, in addition to project-specific requirements such as geography and effectiveness of supply chain. Prescient monitors suppliers’ performance to ensure the products and services they provide meet or exceed the agreed-upon terms and conditions. With critical commodities/suppliers, Prescient conducts quarterly meetings to discuss Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), short- and long-term business forecasts, and cost improvement projects. In the near future, Prescient will connect with its supply network through an internet-based portal providing a wide range of business services for all suppliers.