Critically late to embrace the power of technology-driven new methodologies, construction is still done much as it has been for the last 100 years or more. To adequately respond to challenges in the world in which we work today, the industry must address widespread labor and talent shortages, shrinking margins, cumbersome project management and approval processes, and often acrimonious relationships between participating disciplines.

At the forefront of change, Prescient believes the answer is to digitize or die. Its digital design-build system is revolutionizing the building environment and increasing ROI across the entire development, construction and operating value chain.

Prescient’s digital design-build system is an efficient, integrated and transparent approach for advanced professionals who plan, design and build multi-family housing and hospitality structures. Anchored in progressive technologies, digital design-build links standardized architectural design and products, automated structural engineering, precise manufacturing, and rapid on-site assembly along a single digital thread.

We believe construction doesn’t have to be a daily battle. From the onset of a project, digital design-build generates shared data across MEP systems that results in reliable, realistic forecasts in areas critical to success. Requiring significantly less labor and a fraction of the time needed by traditional construction, real-time information streamlines project management, supports meaningful collaboration between all disciplines, mitigates risk and achieves new levels of safety. Prescient’s digital design-build system was developed not to replace traditional roles but to create collaborative project teams with greater potential for efficiency than today’s siloed and frequently combative approach. Prescient continues to innovate across its integrated software and hardware platforms to address more customer pain points and drive further industrialization of the construction industry.

Prescient Mission


Attainable housing for all.


We are building a unique technology platform that is revolutionizing the building environment.


Accountability and ownership. Safety and quality. Integrity. Execution.


Innovate or die. Technology defines who we are. We deliver customer outcomes. Our people make the impossible a reality.

Prescient Values


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